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5 Open Source DevOps Tools You Have To Know

Fast and improved versions are the need of the moment in today’s software and landscape development. This requires the immediate identification, correction and updating of software products. The DevOps model brings development and management to a work group in order to improve the speed and quality of products delivered to customers. Merging these two hitherto separate domains with various functionalities is undoubtedly useful, but also difficult.

DevOps tools help to simplify this complex process of coordinating and integrating the functions of these two teams. Many open source DevOps tools are now available to help DevOps professionals continuously integrate, deliver and distribute products.

What Are Some Open Source Devops Tools Am I Able to Opt For?

Not all good things are expensive. A horde of open source tools are available to developers today. The following is a list of 5 open source tools that are often used in the world of DevOps.


This is a configuration management tool that allows you to automate the configuration, deployment and management of software applications. It involves setup of the machine on the cloud, servers and virtual machines. Configuration management essentially ensures that all files and software on your computer are configured correctly and functionally. The Chef does the treatment of the infrastructure of your machines like pieces of a code called ‘recipes’, which in turn compiled into ‘cookbooks’.


This is a configuration management tool that works to automate the provisioning, configuration and management of devices. CERN, Oracle, and Reddit, are among its noted users.

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This is automation software that was taken from Red Hat. Ansible can help with task automation, application delivery, and orchestration. It allows you to perform tasks in a sequence and to create a chain of events that must happen at once on many servers and devices. This in turn allows you to automate daily tasks and to speed up product delivery.


This is a remotely run configuration and management system tool that allows users to run commands on different machines with one targeting system. This makes the SaltStack a multitasking system that can be used to solve multiple problems in an infrastructure.


This is widely acclaimed container technology which ensures that a piece of software works reliably in different computing environments. Put simply, a container is a compilation of an application, its dependencies, libraries, and other configuration files necessary for it to function properly. Mobile ensures that the application runs smoothly, even when moved to a computing environment other than its home environment.

This list is just the tip of a huge iceberg. Countless other open source tools, which are scattered across the DevOps landscape. Choose a tool that best suits your immediate needs. Neither of these tools could fit all of your needs. The trick is to choose the best one for you.

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